During pregnancy Chinese medicine can be a useful natural therapy to help with any ailments that may arise.

In the first trimester this could be a history of early miscarriage, bleeding, morning sickness or tiredness. In the second trimester it could also be tiredness or constipation, fluid retention, headaches to name a few. And in the last trimester pubic discomfort, rib or back pain or a posterior baby position can be addressed. Acupuncture can be very helpful for any of these ailments and dietary/lifestyle recommendations can be made for throughout the pregnancy including post-natal advice.  Additionally a session is recommended around week 24, the transition between the second and third trimester;  this is often referred to as a “happy baby treatment.”

From week 36-39, pre-birth (ripening) acupuncture is recommended to prepare for labour. This is generally using points on the shoulder, leg and hand that help to dilate the cervix, descend the foetus, and relax the pelvic tendons and muscles.

If necessary, induction treatments can be administered before a medical induction. Usually this is not necessary when pre-birth acupuncture has already happened.

Research shows that acupressure is useful for pain during labour. Using one point on the hand for 20mins at the start of labour is shown to reduce the time of labour and the pain level. There is a collection of recommended points that can be learnt either by private tuition with the mother and her partner or in a group training class.