Oriental Medicine’s Holistic View

How is Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine different from western medicine?

It is said that a picture is worth a thousand words:

landscape machineIn the west, the approach to medicine has become very mechanical.  The body, which has been separated from the mental and emotional aspects of your being, is viewed as a collection of lab values and even components, much like your automobile.  These components can be tested and removed and replaced almost at will these days.  The practitioners have become specialised in a specific component or system of related components, to the exclusion of a view of the entire body or being. The focus is always on the faulty component or invading germ.

In oriental medicine, the approach to medicine is holistic.  The body, mind and spirit are seen as an inter-related landscape which define the state of health of the whole person.  The oriental medicine practitioner is much more of a gardener than a mechanic.  We see our role in terms of creating a harmonious landscape to provide the framework for deep healing and robust wellness.  We tonify and nourish those things inside that are insufficient, and we disperse and activate those things that are stuck or obstructed.  In short we make certain that your landscape has sufficient sunlight and warmth, water that is flowing and full of minerals, and good soil quality.  When there is harmony between yin and yang, qi and blood, and the five elements, dis-ease cannot exist.  We treat people, not faulty components.